Tech Enthusiast, brewing technologies for the needs of all kinds of businesses. 🚀

Hi there, my name is Buğra. I’m a network administrator, system analyst, DevOps Engineer with a passion for implementing new technologies for companies.

I have 15yrs+ experience working as a professional information Technologies expert. In 2022, I said goodbye to the traditional IT industry and stepped into the developer world. I have been developing myself in DevOps engineering for about 6 months. I work as a system supervisor / Devops supervisor in a company that has signed big projects in Estonia. For more details check out My Resume Also check my page on (kariyer net)

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What are my responsibilites?.

  • Administration of the IT infrastructure
  • Choosing the right deployment models
  • Conducting the testing protocol and critical monitoring
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Provide the server support and the application support
  • Ensure that the backup is sufficient, and if there isn’t any adequate backup, then you have to create a backup policy as well

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Languages Feel free to get in touch in Turkish and/or English.